"Art allows me to scream without making a sound"



Ritchie Sedeyn continuniously searches for new ways to create his images. Coming from a long history of photography, he explores new ways like paint, collages and even 3d printing with a 3D-pen. These techniques are just a vehicle to get a step closer into his story of memory, hopes and emotions. He finds his inspiration in metaphors, old paintings and fantsay.

Projectatelier at Antwerp, Belgium, guides him in achieving his goal, by his own means.



Ritchie Sedeyn (°1980, Ghent, Belgium) makes painting and drawings from past memories and tries to rearrange them to fit his daily life. His works can be seen as a language or voice to the audience he never had in the past. Past memories of trouble and social akwardness sculpts his way into Ritchie's work every time again. It is an assembly of feelings of disconnection and loneliness towards a hopefull future of the abstract and untouchables in every day life.




Ritchie Sedeyn often take part of a exhibition or organises exhibitions himself to show his latest work. However, as it is to be expected, no new exhibitions are planned due tot the corornacrisis.


June 2019

In Antwerp, Ritchie showed a variety of new and older work in this solo exhibition. For the first time, Ritchie proved his versatility by showing multiple different means, like the camera obscura.

This exhibition was in collaboration with Kunstgezind.


May 2019

In Ghent, Ritchie showed his series "Be a Man", a wet plate collodion portrait series of bearded men and their presence in our current society. This exhibition was in collaboration with artists Deborah Nyst and Eveline Coppin, as well as Cargo Gent owner "Pierre Lumiere" 

De kruitfabriek

March 2017

In Vilvoorde, near Brussels, Ritchie showed his series "the faces of a womans war", a wet plate collodion portrait series of female army employees. This exhibition was in collaboration with artist Amparo De Backer Mezquida

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